Micro-sessions are short videos that teach you techniques or offer instruction on some of our products. They are a great way to learn new techniques, products, or to brush up on existing skills. These sessions are free to watch and there are no CE credits available for them. Subject matter areas include:

  • Equipment Setup and Usage Instructions
  • Product Usage Instructions
  • Acrylic Based Techniques
  • General Product Information

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CE Courses

Online CE courses are a great way for laboratory technicians to earn credit without any travel or additional expenses. CE courses require a multiple choice test or course work to be completed. CE credit is earned through the National Board of Certification (NBC). Subject matter areas include:

  • Free Product Training
    • Biostar® / MiniSTAR®
    • Great Lakes Spot Welder
    • Great Lakes Tack Welder
  • Laboratory Skill Development
    • 1. Orthodontic Wire Bending
    • 2. Orthodontic Retainer Fabrication
    • 3. Orthodontic Laboratory Soldering
  • Appliance Fabrication
    • Ricketts Retainer Fabrication
    • Wrap Around Retainer Fabrication
    • Spring Retainer and Aligner Fabrication
    • Orthodontic Study Models
  • Miscellaneous
    • Preparing an Orthodontic Laboratory

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These video courses are taught by Brian Willison, CDT, one of the country’s most experienced instructors and technical consultants, and cover the same key techniques and methods as those taught at our Great Lakes Hands-on Training Center.