Spring Retainer & Aligner Fabrication


Nearly 3 hours of content. Earn 10 CE credits from the National Board of Certification.


This Orthodontic Laboratory Appliance Course is designed for technicians with at least 1-2 years experience in fabrication of Hawley retainers. Advanced wirebending and acrylic trimming skills will be necessary to effectively complete this session.

In this course you will be introduced to materials and equipment that will make processing these active plate appliances easy and efficient. Along with being introduced to common appliance designs and case selection criteria, you will be guided through:

  • Creating a setup model for the anterior dentition
  • Model preparation for appliance fabrication
  • Fabrication of 3×3 Spring-Clip retainer
  • Common clasps for Spring Retainer/Aligner fabrication
  • Construction of Modified Spring Retainer/Aligner
  • Steps to make a Super Spring Retainer/Aligner

Course Information

This course comes with 12 months of streaming access and handout materials. You may rewatch the course as many times as you wish.

Continuing Education Credits

This course includes free Continuing Education (CE) submission to the National Board of Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC). To receive CE credit, you must complete the work listed in the last chapter of this course and then submit a series of digital photographs to our instructors. Once approved, you will be able to download and print a letter and certificate of course completion.

Type: Scientific
Hours: 10
Validity: Credits are valid during your one-year renewal cycle.*

Course Chapters

01-Introduction to Spring Retainer-Aligner (10:08)
02-Intro to Spring Aligner Setup Model (6:07)
02a-Setup for Spring Aligner (13:25)
02b-Referencing Plate for Setup Model (2:50)
02c-Model Duplication & Preparation (12:11)
03-Intro to 3×3 Spring Clip Retainer (1:50)
03a-3×3 Spring Clip Wire Framework (4:13)
03b-3×3 Spring Clip Acrylicing (9:36)
03c-3×3 Spring Clip Trim and Finish (8:43)
04-Intro to Modified Spring Retainer (1:05)
04a-Modified Spring Retainer Labial Bow Component (7:38)
04b-Itroduction to Clasp Adaptation (3:41)
04c-Ball Clasp for Spring Retainer (4:15)
04d-Adams Clasp for Spring Retainer (24:36)
04e-Modified Spring Retainer Acrylicing (12:10)
04f-Modified Spring Retainer Trim Acrylic (13:17)
04g-Modified Spring retainer Finishing (4:42)
05-Intro to Super Spring Retainer (1:27)
05a-Super Spring Retainer Labial Bow Component (5:04)
05b-Super Spring Retainer Lingual Spring Component (4:51)
05c-Super Spring Retainer Support Bar (3:04)
05d-Super Spring Retainer Acrylicing (6:53)
05e-Super Spring Retainer Trim Acrylic & Finish (11:20)

Total time: Approximately 2 hr. 54 min.


Prior wire bending experience is a must. To ensure a successful learning experience, you are strongly encouraged to take these courses:

Materials & Equipment Checklist

Participants may choose to create their own maxillary and mandibular models for appliance fabrication processes that will be demonstrated or a set of models may be obtained from Great Lakes for a nominal fee. Standard orthodontic laboratory instruments such as lab pliers, wire, acrylic, and burs, along with related fabrication equipment, will be necessary to complete the tasks within this session. Other products will be referred to during the course that can be obtained from Great Lakes as well.

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